Below are the publically available outputs from the MUSES project.

Work package 1 – Project Management

Interim Report


Work package 2 – Regional Overviews

Analytical Framework

1st Workshop Report – Poole

Multi-use Concept in European Sea Basins


Work package 3 – Case Studies

Case study methodology

Case study stakeholder engagement

Case study 1A – Multi-use space between commercial fisheries and offshore wind farms in Scotland (East Coast of Scotland – North Sea)

Case study 1B – Tidal energy development and environmental protection and monitoring (North Coast of Scotland – Inner sound of the Pentland Firth – North Sea)

Case study 1C – Multi-use of off-shore wind farms with marine aquaculture and fisheries (German North Sea EEZ – North Sea)

Case study 2 – Marine Renewables & Aquaculture Multi-use including the use of marine renewable energy near the point of generation (West Coast of Scotland – Northern Atlantic Sea)

Case study 3A – Development of tourism and fishing in the Southern Atlantic Sea (South Coast of mainland Portugal – Algarve region – Atlantic Sea)

Case study 3B – Development of tourism and fishing in the Southern Atlantic Sea (Azores archipelago – Eastern Atlantic Sea)

Case study 4 – Multi-Use for local development focused on energy production, tourism and environment in Swedish waters (Island of Gotland – Baltic Sea)

Case study 5 – Offshore wind and mariculture: potentials for multi-use and nutrient remediation in Rødsand 2 (South Coast of Lolland-Falster – Denmark – Baltic Sea)

Case study 6 – Coastal & Maritime Tourism and O&G Decommissioning as drivers for potential Multi-use in the Northern Adriatic Sea (Italy – Mediterranean Sea)

Case Study 7 – Marine Renewable Energy Sources & Desalination, Fishing & Tourism in the South Aegean: the case of Mykonos Island (Greece – Mediterranean Sea).

In addition to the case study reports (downloadable using the links above) a short introductory report is also available to download.

Comparative Analysis and Final Report

WP3 Case Study Infographic

WP3 Case Study Comparative Analysis Infographic


Work package 4 – Action Plan

Stakeholder Profiles

Overview of MU Analysis

2nd Workshop Report – Venice

Sea Basin Syntheses Report

MUSES Multi-Use Action Plan – Executive Summary

MUSES Multi-Use Action Plan


Work package 5 – Dissemination

MUSES Overview Infographic

MUSES Roadmap Infographic

Exploitation of Results Plan

Newsletter I

Newsletter II

Newsletter III

Newsletter IV

Newsletter V


Final Conference


01 – Welcome Address (Dr Mattijs Soede) *no ppt file available*

02 – Introduction to MUSES (Bruce Buchanan & Maximilian Schupp)

03 – Rich Picture of Multi-Use (Angela Schultz-Zehden, Ivana Lukic & Kofi Ansong)

04 – EU Sea Basins & Case Study Areas (Joanna Przedrzymirska & Emiliano Ramieri)

05 – Multi-Use & the Tourism Sector (Mara Manente)

06 – Multi-Use & Underwater Cultural Heritage, Baltic Sea (Sallamaria Tikkanen)

07 – Multi-Use & Marine Spatial Planning, Black Sea (Dr Margarita Stancheva)

08 – Offshore Wind Farms & Seaweed Aquaculture, Netherlands (Vincent Doumeizel & Luc van Hoof)

09 – Multi-Use Potential in the North Sea (Nathalie Scheidegger & Nico Buytendijk)

10 – O&G Decommissioning – Reuse & Repurposing (Prof. Catrinus Jepma)

11 – Offshore Wind/Wave Farms & Mussel Aquaculture (James Wilson)

12 – Role of Ocean Clusters (Julie Person)

13 – Overview of MUSES Multi-Use Action Plan (Angela Schultz-Zehden)