In order to maximise the impact of the project results, a dissemination plan will be developed as part of Work Package 5. This will ensure that the project’s aims, progress and results are communicated effectively to those directly involved in marine spatial planning and multiple use of the oceans. The dissemination process will comprise a number of discrete, but interrelated, strands. While Marine Scotland will coordinate the dissemination process, all project partners will communicate the results of the project in their own country and region through their own networks.

Dissemination and exploitation of results is an integral part of MUSES approach. The plan for dissemination and exploitation is based on the following pillars:

    • Engagement of key actors: stakeholder engagement is the backbone of the MUSES approach, and will underpin the advancement in MU implementation. Our approach to stakeholder engagement will be multilevel (international, EU, Sea Basins, national, local), multi-sector (involving stakeholders from different marine and maritime uses) and will mobilise actors involved at different steps in the process of MU (actors from policy, legislative, administrative, financial, environmental). We will establish a database of stakeholders, which will be continuously updated throughout the course of the project and used to effectively focus different stakeholder events, target groups for dissemination and organize stakeholder feedback throughout the course of the project and beyond.
    • Clear communication strategy: MUSES’ communication strategy is aimed at informing the general public, media, stakeholders from marine and maritime sectors, and organizations and public authorities interested in maritime activities and outcomes of the project. MUSES’ communication plan will follow the communication guidelines recommended by the EC, and will involve a diversity of actors and promote social support (not only social acceptance) of MU. Moreover, MUSES will develop a web-based communication strategy, which will integrate different channels and tools: 1. web information portal to provide access to project progress, documentation and MU newsletter, and more generally serve as a MU information platform. 2. web-dialogue platform for stakeholders’ involvement, including links to social media communication tools.
    • Knowledge management: all publications and reports arising from MUSES will be made available to the public either through self-archiving (for technical reports, progress reports, non-peer reviewed literature) or open access facilities (for peer-reviewed publications).
    • Dissemination of results: promote concrete advances in MU development, at regional and local levels, using case studies to produce practical progress in MU and co-existence. The action plan will feed into national, macro-regional, sea basin and EU policy processes, through mechanisms established within our stakeholder engagement activities. We will implement both continuous and discrete mechanisms to disseminate project results, such as continuous RSS feeds on MUSES website information portal, social media presence, newsletters, project flyers, press releases, project publications, project infographics, conferences, workshops)


D5.12 – Exploitation of Results Plan

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