Thetis, with a professional staff of 120 people, is an engineering and consultancy company based in Venice (Italy), providing projects and studies for environment and territory, civil engineering and mobility management, in particular in relation to coastal and marine systems. Thetis experience and capacity have grown operating for nearly twenty years within the Venice Lagoon and the adjacent Adriatic Sea. Moreover, the company has experience in working in Italy and abroad (e.g. Europe, Mexico, Paraguay, US, Libya, Red Sea, China, Thailand). Main Thetis expertise and capacities relevant for the project include:

  • Maritime Spatial Planning;
  • Integrated Coastal Management;
  • Blue growth policy implementation;
  • Mainstreaming climate change adaptation in coastal and marine strategies and plans;
  • Support to the implementation of other EU policy and directives (e.g. WFD, MSFD, Natura 2000, etc.) at the local level and regional level, including activities of dialogue with stakeholders;
  • Environmental studies, sustainability analysis and environmental authorization procedure (SEA, SIA, Natura 2000) in costal and marine areas, including public information and stakeholder consultation activities;
  • Design and implementation of monitoring networks and surveys in coastal and marina areas.

MUSES Personnel

Emiliano Ramieri

Emiliano Ramieri has a University Degree in Environmental Sciences. He has more than 15 years’ experience in environmental and territorial studies and planning in particular on marine, coastal and sea – land transition systems. He has strong competence on MSP; currently he is the main MSP expert for Eastern Mediterranean of the EU MSP Platform (, supporting EU Member States in their efforts to implement Maritime Spatial Planning in the years to come. He is also consultant on MSP issues for the UNEP-MAP PAP/RAC. In 2012-2014 he coordinated WP4 on MSP of the EU funded Shape project ( aiming to develop and implement ICM and MSP processes and tools in the Adriatic Sea in a cross-border perspective. In 2011 he was coordinator of two EC DG ENV studies supporting the impact assessment towards a follow-up proposal to the EU ICZM Recommendation that also contributed to the MSP Directive. His recent interest includes the implementation of Blue Growth policy in the Adriatic-Ionian Region in the framework of EUSAIR Strategy and Plan. Competences on ICM and MSP are coupled with a long experience on climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation in coastal and marine systems. He is member of the European Topic Centre on Climate Change Impact, Vulnerability and Adaptation (ETC-CCA –, acting as key expert on coastal and marine issues.

Elisa Andreoli

Elisa Andreoli, has a University Degree in Environmental Sciences. She has 15 years’ experience as environmental specialist including good expertise in the analysis and interpretation of environmental data and reporting, deriving in particular from the participation to projects concerning coastal and marine systems. She has been involved in ICM (Analysis of Member States progress reports on Integrated Coastal Zone Management – ICZM) and MSP (SHAPE – Shaping an Holistic Approach to Protect the Adriatic Environment: between coast and sea) studies providing her capacity on data and information acquisition, structuring, analysis and assessment, as well as on reporting and dissemination to policy makers. Technical competence includes the participation to coastal and offshore EIA and application of the DPSIR approach for the analysis of coastal and marine systems.

Martina Bocci Martina Bocci has a University Degree in Biology and PhD in Ecology – Environmental Modelling. She has more than 15 years working experience in universities and private sector in the field of marine and coastal management, including: environmental impact assessments; DPSIR indicators and analysis; Water Framework Directive, ICZM and MSP; coastal and marine eutrophication and pollution monitoring, modelling and assessment. Through these experiences, she developed good contacts with competent authorities in coastal and marine sector and good knowledge of the current Italian and European laws and procedures. As expert in ecological modelling, she developed marine macrophyte models (Venice lagoon, Italy), fish growth models (Laguna de Bay, Philippines), food web models (Venice lagoon, Italy; Nador lagoon, Morocco), water quality models (Ypacaray lake, Paraguay). From 2013 to 2015 at the University of Venice she studied issues related with MSFD implementation and EcAp process in the Mediterranean and particularly in the North African countries (EU-FP7 MEDINA project). She continued her experience on MSFD under CORILA (Venice, Italy), as senior expert participating to the supporting studies for the joint implementation of MSFD in the Mediterranean Sea (DG-ENV Assistant Mechanism on MSFD). Currently, she is involved as MSP expert for Eastern Mediterranean in the EU MSP Platform ( supporting EU Member States in their efforts to implement Maritime Spatial Planning in the years to come.

Sebastiano Carrer

Sebastiano Carrer has a University Degree in Electronic Engineering and PhD in Environmental Systems Modelling. He has 20 years working experience in universities and private sector in the fields of: environmental systems monitoring and modelling, data analysis and reporting, water management also at institutional level including stakeholders involvement. He is participating to the EU WFD implementation process being involved in Easter Alps RBMP’s elaboration and coordinating related field and desk activities. In recent years, he participated to EU funded cross-border cooperation projects dealing with marine and coastal environment, such as Safeport ( aiming at enhancing mutual collaboration between Italian and Slovenian ports on human and environmental safety aspects. Currently he is Thetis’ project leader for the design of a Recovery Plan for Lake Ypacarai (Paraguay) and its watershed, in the framework of a contract with the Interamerican Development Bank.


Chiara Castellani has a University Degree in Environmental Sciences. She has more than 10 years’ experience as an Environmental Specialist, working in the field of trophic state and chemical contamination of transitional waters, also with a focus on climate change impacts and vulnerability of coastal areas. Since 2011, she has been working in the operative monitoring of water bodies of the Venice lagoon for chemical and ecological state assessments, according to the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/CE) requirements. Within this context, she is involved in the periodical updating process of the River Basin Management Plan for the North-Eastern Alps of Italy. She also works as a member of the Supporting Team of the European MSP Platform for Eastern Mediterranean countries and as a thematic expert of the Climate Adapt Platform ETC/CCA (European Topic Centre on Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and Adaptation) for the coastal and marine sectors.