The final MUSES conference will take place on 10th October 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. It will engage a wide range of interested stakeholders from the business community, public administrations, research and academia. The aim is to present the EU-wide Multi-Use Action Plan that addresses a variety of multi-use combinations including those driven by, for example, offshore renewable energy in combination with different types of aquaculture. or those driven by the tourism sector in combination with underwater cultural heritage or fisheries (“pescatourism”).

The conference will be a chance to learn more about the opportunities in our case study areas and the results from various pilot projects. It is also expected to be a platform for relevant blue growth actors to discuss the Action Plan and consider possible commitments to advance multi-use development in Europe.

Our ambition is not only to present the Action Plan, but to also offer a platform for all stakeholders with whom MUSES partners have been engaged throughout the project, to highlight their particular cases, needs and concerns in further promoting concrete realisation of multi-use projects. To this end, MUSES partners will, in the coming days and weeks, be in touch with specific stakeholders to ask for their active involvement and input statements throughout the conference.

Online registration will be opening soon, but to register your interest to attend, or present your multi-use case or perspective at the conference, please get in touch at:

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Final Conference – Save the Date!

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