In coordination with ICES and Marine Scotland, we are pleased to announce this workshop on co-existence and synergies in marine spatial planning, to take place 4th to 6th April 2018 at Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Promoting coexistence and synergistic sea uses is a key issue in marine spatial planning. Synergies can refer to mutually beneficial uses of the same sea space or marine resources, but equally to shared infrastructure, technology or human resources, for example. Coexistence and synergies link not only to spatial efficiency supporting more sustainable use of marine space, but also to efficiency processes which promote blue growth. Understanding different types of coexistence and synergy, and the conditions required for achieving it, is an essential part of effective marine spatial planning.

The ICES Working Group Marine Planning and Coastal Zone Management, with support of MUSES and Marine Scotland, invites stakeholders to this workshop to explore, discuss and promote coexistence and synergies in marine spatial planning. The event is open to planners, managers, researchers, stakeholders and anyone else interested in planning and management of marine areas and resources.

Participants are encouraged to contribute with: 1) examples of coexistence and synergies in marine use from their countries or experience; 2) relevant previous work or ideas on ways to classify types of coexistence and synergies in marine use; 3) examples or ideas on how marine spatial planning has or can further coexistence and synergies in marine use.

Participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation, as well as evening meals. We are currently exploring options for providing lunch.

Although we ideally welcome participants for the entire workshop, participation on selected days is also possible. Please let us know in advance if you would like to attend for a single day.

Further information, including registration contacts, will be available on the ICES website here.

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Workshop Announcement – Co-existence and Synergies in Marine Spatial Planning

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