MUSES are pleased to announce our first workshop on “Multi-use for Sustainable Blue Growth”, to be held in Poole on 17th May 2017!  This is to coincide with the European Maritime Day events taking place in Poole that week.

Overview and evaluation of the current status and future potential of multi-use development, as well as delivery of the Action Plan, requires active involvement of stakeholders including: industry representatives, NGOs, planning and licensing authorities, classification bodies, regional policy makers, and, financing bodies. To facilitate expert input to the MUSES project, we are inviting a limited number of relevant stakeholders from across the EU sea basins. The overall aim of this workshop is to collect initial insights about the actual benefits of, and non-technical barriers to, multi-use from a stakeholder’s point of view. The workshop will also provide time for networking among stakeholders.

The ‘Multi-use for Sustainable Blue Growth’ workshop will consider three main areas with stakeholders:

  1. To identify and discuss stakeholders’ understanding of multi-use definition and typologies, their attitude towards multi-use and perception of related drivers & barriers
  2. To collect reflections on the MUSES initial findings from analysis of current practices in multi-use across EU sea basins from environmental, spatial, economic and societal benefit perspectives
  3. To identify the current status quo and short term developments related to multi use development (by end of 2017) in EU and national legislation, the financial perspectives (planned private and public investments, funding programmes), and the findings obtained from any existing projects.

We very much look forward to having participating stakeholders influence the project through its lifetime and benefit from its results.

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Stakeholder Workshop – Poole

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